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We love to create each tour special for our guests, tailored to taste if you will.  We are proud to showcase Willamette Valley's finest in wine country. If you do not already have wineries picked out, we like to work with you before the tour to get an idea of your wine palate and the experience you are looking for. There are over 500 wineries in the Willamette Valley and it can become a little overwhelming. We want your experience to be absolutely stress free, we are here to help you select the best wineries tailored to your taste. 


All tours are private. We only book one tour per day. The day you book is all yours. We kindly ask for a five hour minimum. You will be escorted around in a luxury SUV with a local tour guide as your driver. Snacks and bottled water are on board and completely complimentary. $90/hour flat rate, not per person.

Returning Spring of 2023: For groups 7 people+ is $120/flat rate per hour.


Most wineries open between 10-11am and close between 4-5pm.  This is your vacation, time to let your hair down, sit back, drink some of the best Pinot in the world while soaking up the most beautiful backyard in the Pacific Northwest. Let us watch the clock.

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